Hello-o-o, nurse!

Last weekend, my cousin Jade turned 13 and became a teenager! Our little one is all grown up and looking fabulous. She planned a dinner for family and close friends at a Thai restaurant (last minute changes because restaurants were booked for Ring Dance). So fun to see FamJamz all dressed up. The funnest part was getting ready. I was in the makeover mood and did the girls’ hair and makeup. Here are some pics:

The ladies in front of Jade’s house

Jade and her BFF’s Jessie & Nikki

My brother Jason & his gf Jasmine (she’s the absolute cuteness)

Me and my boo.

FamJamz group shot!

To keep the excitement rolling, I went to DC shortly after to watch BRINTEY & PCD!! The concert was awesome.. Sorry no pics with Brit or Nicole (I wish). There were stupid teeny bopper girls in front of us who were whack and I wanted to punch in the back of the head, but other than that it was amazing!

I love going to concerts. Next one will be NO DOUBT & PARAMORE!! I can finally start looking to buy tickets because…


They called me after the OR shadowing and I have accepted the position in the OR fellowship! Its exciting and scary at the same time. I’m feeling very ambivalent about it. Being in the city, starting a career, living on my own, being away from home.. It will all be new. I am looking to room with my cousin JR and my BFF Kai which should be fun. But at the same time, I’m going to be without my boo and my family. They’re not going to be an arms distance away. That part really sucks. A LOT. I’m hoping this will be healthy for me, starting to grow up and stuff. I WILL be back often to visit them and I’m hoping to have them visit me often too.

Time to start an adventure! I have less than a month before I start my JOB! Wow. I have a REEEEAAAAL job. That is crazy!!!!!



Miniature golf.. The perfect activity on a sunny spring day. My BFF Grace and I went to the oceanfront for some fun in the sun and we stumbled upon Pirate’s Paridise. Here are some pics:

Arr, matey!

Just like pool..
I conquered this bridge.

“Never let go, Jack..”

Pirate ship playground!!

Golfing with Grace just started my action packed week.. This past weekend was Jade’s 13th birthday (more pics to come)! Always fun with the FamJamz. My parents left for Vegas yesterday.. They will have an awesome time. They’ve been to Vegas every year for the past 3 years. My brother will be home alone until Wednesday, but he’ll probably be busy with work and school stuff. I’m leaving tonight for DC until Wednesday. Agenda:

1. Make it to DC without getting lost.
2. Shadow in the OR at Inova Fairfax.
3. Cry because I got the job or cry because I didn’t get the job. (IF they tell me tomorrow..)
4. Relieve anxiety by shopping for concert outfit.
5. Have an AWESOME time at the Britney/PCD concert. (I ain’t ashamed)

I can’t plan anything until I find out about this job. This week will make or break me.


Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. I got my haircut yesterday and I was feeling daring. I forgot to take a before picture, that would of made this post waaaay cooler (freakin’ ADD). Anyways, so to paint a visual picture of my pre-haircut hair: my hair was down to the middle of my back, I had grown out side swept bangs, and my roots were out grown like crazy. I went to my stylist/friend at the salon across the street from my current job, sat in her chair and told her I wanted something completely different than what I normally get. Bangs. Something I have never had in my life, excluding the time I had a girlish bowlcut in kindergarten (not my choice). They’re definitely different! At first I was a little skeptical, but here on Day 2 of having bangs, I’m getting used to them. I never thought that I was trendy enough to rock this hairstyle, but I’ve gotten good reviews from my co-workers at work (and they’re the brutally honest type). I think the adjective I got the most was SASSY. I like sassy. My personality is very sassy. So, my haircut suits me. πŸ™‚

The one thing that is really different is how I have to style my hair now. I’m so used to blowdrying my bangs to the side, but now I have to blowdry them forward. Plus I have this cowlick-y thing where my old part used to be. It’s a battle trying to get that area to stay put. I’m currently looking for some kind of manipulating product to make my bangs stay where I want them. I didn’t post a huuge picture because I wanted to minimize the battle zone area where my old part is acting up. Plus, my room is still a mess.. I’m in the middle of “spring cleaning”: getting rid of stuff I don’t use/wear (which is SO difficult for me because I am a pack rat like my mom) and trying to get better at organizing. [BOBBY: its a work in progress! ;P I’m working on it, and its slowly progressing..] Just in case I have to move….

This waiting game is making me SO anxious. But, I only have 1 more week to wait, I will FINALLY know next week what their decision is. This week is flying by because of my hair adventure yesterday, PLUS Jade’s hair adventure (which was today and she looks BEAUTIMOUS), then Jade’s birthday dinner on Saturday (pictures to follow), then dropping off my parents to the airport on Sunday for their Vegas trip, then on Monday MY DC trip part 2 for OR shadowing AND Britney Spears + PCD!!!! What a busy next couple of days! More things to blog about.. YAAAY! πŸ˜€



I am!

Well, I did. Just got back from the theater. Cool movie. Twisted story, lots of bloody gory stuff, fight scenes, and people in neat costumes. The only thing I could have asked for would be that Doctor Manhattan wore pants more often. Or boxers. Or european briefs. Something so he wouldn’t be so naked all the time. Naked all the time is weird, but when youre bright glowing blue naked, thats just crazy weird. BTW, this movie is reaaaaal long. 3 hours. So many points of views and flashbacks. Still, I liked it. Doesn’t the smiley face look like the Wal-Mart one? Maybe the Comedian is the true owner of the Wal-Mart brand?

Anyways, this week is dragging. But lots of stuff coming up:

-Snowboarding this weekend? Might be the last chance this season.
-Getting my hair did.. FINALLY. Definitely need a change.
-Jade’s birthday dinner next weekend
-Back to DC for shadowing in the OR at Inova AND Britney Spears concert with PCD on the 24th!
-Decision about the Inova position will be made in 2 weeks!!

Alright, time for bed. Work in the morning.. Blaaaaahhhh.


I mentioned that I applied to a bajillion places in a previous post. Well, ONE place called me back last week: Inova So exciting since I’ve been secretly waiting for my phone to ring. Bobby’s spring break came at the perfect time. So, I planned for us to leave on Monday and then come back home on Tuesday. In addition to my interview, I had planned to do some other DC area stuff, mainly shopping, shopping, more shopping, and site-seeing (particularly the museums). We were gonna crash at JR (my cousin)’s place for the night. I’ve never seen his place so that was another plus.

Bobby and I left Monday morning. I drove all the way going up. I figured that if I got the job, I’d have to frequently make trips from NOVA to back home in Va Beach. We arrived in Woodbridge around 1:00pm. What’s in Woodbridge? Potomac Mills. A huuuuge outlet mall. A dream. I sure did some damage at that mall. But I kept telling myself, it was all to help me de-stress and relax. Retail therapy (yes, I have seen Confessions of a Shopaholic). After Potomac Mills, it was time for Ikea. My mom suggested I go there to price some furniture just in case I had to move. Ikea is just a cool ass store. I didn’t end up buying anything from there, but I left with lots of ideas for my possible future own place (yikes!). JR was still at work and didn’t get out of work until 5-6pm-ish so we decided to hit up another awesome mall, Tysons Corner. None of the malls at home can compare to this huge ass mall.

After my shopping high reached its peak, JR got home from work and we met him up at his place. Reality kicked in, my interview was in just a few hours. We ordered some pizza and watched UFC 96 to see Brad win (yaaay). I practiced my interview questions and prepared all my stuff so I would be ready to go in the morning. I did remember having a dream (and I never dream) that I went to my interview and the man told me to turn around and go home. Scary, right?!

So I’m all ready to leave for my interview and what happens? I lose my keys, OF COURSE. Turns out they were already in my “interview purse”. Haha, nerves getting the best of me again. Bobby drops me off to the hospital, which is HUUUGE and BEAUTIMOUS. Having practiced my interview questions, I was really prepared when answering the interview questions. I learned a lot about the hospital and my possible future career with them. The more they talked about it, the more I got excited about it. Overall, the interview went really well. I am coming back to Inova in 2 weeks to shadow an ex-fellow RN during a real case, to help make sure that this is what I want.What really scares me is IF i get offered the position, moving up to NOVA will be life altering for me. I’ve lived at home my whole life, but its about time I get out of there. Its scary but sounds like an adventure. So right now, I’m just waiting. Impatiently waiting for my life to change! Time for more retail therapy?

After my interview, I started to breathe again. Time for sight-seeing! I haven’t been to the museums since I was a kid. We were only able to go to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History (traffic and parking was ri-donk-ulous). Enough babbling, here’s some pics!

dc group
Giraffe Stance
dc giraffe
“WTF are you doing up there, polar bear?”
get down bear

AHHHH, Jaws!
shark bait

Glow in the dark rocks
glow rocks

Statue of Awesomeness
me statue

Optical Illusion house. The corner is actually going in instead of sticking out.
crazy house
The cubes rotate! I was a rebel and ignored the sign to take this picture.
cube tree

All in all, it was a great trip. I had fun, I was productive, and we will see what happens about the position. I can’t wait to go back up in 2 weeks! I’ll shadow in the OR and then it will be the BRITNEY SPEARS CONCERT w/ PCD!! March is turning out to be so action packed!


I can’t believe the first 2 months of the year are already over! Already, this year is flying by. Normally, my weekends are non-eventful, but I have had 2 action packed weekends in a row.

Last weekend: Saturday

I was reunited with my BFF’s Kai and Grace. With Kai living in DC now, we don’t get to see each other as much as we used to.

Here’s a pic of us back in the day (2005):
vday 2005

This is a picture of us wearing our homemade Anti-Valentine’s Day shirts. Yes, we had lots of time on our hands back then. OK, back to our reunion. It was Kai’s birthday we were celebrating at Redstar with a few drinks.

Here’s a more updated picture of us from our reunion:
grak me kai 022109

All dressed up! It felt good to be hanging out again, it was like we caught up right where we left off. Joking and laughing and reminicing about back in the day. Now we’re all grown up and drinking wine like old ladies (haha).

Last Weekend: Sunday

My dad was in one of his “let’s-eat-at-a-restaurant” moods, my family ate at Bravos (mom was craving italian). The lobster bisque here is deeeee-licious. Normally, its just the 5 of us (mom, dad, Jason, me, and my Bobby) but we have a new addition, Jasmine, since Jason is now in a relationship and we also had a guest appearance from my cousin Jade. Dinner outtings make good photo ops:

Mom and Dad:
mom dad pf
Bobby and me:
bobby me pf
Jasmine and Jason:
jasmine jason pf
Me, Jade, and Jasmine:
mjj pf

This Weekend: WINTER FAMJAM 2009

This was by far one of the funnest weekends EVER. I was with my family, we ALL were snowboarding/skiing, and everyone was awesome at it (even the noobies)! All 15 of us met up from different areas of VA (Va Beach, Richmond, and DC) to Massanutten and stayed in a 5 bedroom house. Our ride had the most people in it: 6. And we all got there swiftly and safely due to our fearless driver, my Bobby:

bobby drive

He drove that van with such ease, like it was as small and fast as his own 240. Here’s a shot of the back seats of the van:

back seat

They were all cozy and comfortable, even with all the baggage, food, coolers, and gear that we stuffed in that van. When we got there (after 4 hours of driving) Friday night, we situated rooms and went to bed early since we had to get up early the next day. Every morning, there was a pile up in the living room on the couches and airmattress:

morning air mattress

This is something us cousins always did on every vacation and this one was no different. On Saturday, we tackled the slopes. We had all levels of snowboarders/skiers: beginner, intermediate, and experts. What was so great about this trip is that all the noobies did AWESOME and picked up snowboarding so fast. Here’s some of the gang on the ski lift:

ski lifts

One of my accomplishments from that day was attacking the black diamonds! Normally I just chill on the greens. But we were feeling adventurous and tried the blacks! We didnt even transition from green (easiest) to blue (intermediate) to black (expert). Just straight from green to black! The view at the top was amazing. It was so steep too. Here we are strapping in from getting off the LONG lift:

black diamonds

The ski patrol in the red was yelling at Janet at the moment because she wouldn’t get out of the way of incoming skiers/snowboarders. There was no where else to go but down! Far in the distance of that picture you can see the flatter green slope that all the noobies were on closer to the bottom of the slopes. It looks so far away! The other accomplishment that I had during this trip was getting toe edge down. This is so hard to do but the last run, I was able to stick to it most of the way. We were out on the slopes ALL day, only coming back to the house to eat. On our final return, it just made the whole day perfect because it started to snow:

me bobby snow
This was supposed to be my action shot, but Bobby surfboarded his way into it. All in all, our group snowboarded for 9 hours on Saturday. This trip not only made me love snowboarding more but it made me really appreciate my famjamz more since I don’t get to see them all at the same time as much as I want to. Of course, now this is going to be an annual thing and after talking to my mom about how much fun we had, now she and Jade’s mom want to go next time.

FamJamz, if you’re reading this, I want to thank you for such a fun and memorable weekend. I love each and every one of you so much! And to the new editions to our famjam, I’m so glad you got to be with us this weekend too. I hope every one had an awesome time. The hundreds of emails were worth it! πŸ™‚

famjamz winter 2009

Action packed weekends! Now back to the old grind. But there are somethings to look forward to this month. Snowboarding AGAIN in 2 weeks before the season ends, Jade’s 13th birthday on the 21st, and the Britney Spears concert up in DC in 3 weeks! So excited! But very sore at the moment from all the action from this past weekend. Motrin and Aspercreme should do the trick. ‘Til next time..


Confession: I have never written a blog before. But, I have been convinced to start writing one lately. I know my blog title is lame, but when I was a kid I used to watch Animaniacs religiously afterschool. So why start one?

First of all, its a new year.. so why the heck not. My new years resolution was to eat salads and not complain about it. Success! I eat salads at work and I don’t complain.

Second of all, I’m in a transitional period of my life. I just graduated from nursing school last semester (yaaay!) and I passed my boards to become an official RN (double yaaay!). Here is some proof:

This is Kris and me with our cool new RN jackets and pins.
me and kris pinning

Me in my cap & gown looking all graduated.
me grad

So, what now, right? I am currently trying to find a career.. Yikes. Kinda scary cause that means the beginning of being a grown up. But I’m definitely excited/nervous to kick it into high gear. Earlier this month, I applied to a bajillion places for different positions in different hospitals, but I couldn’t find the courage to apply out of state yet (TOO SCARY). Even though nursing is such a growing profession, this economy blows. Lots of hospitals are cutting funding and new grads are not welcomed with open arms. I’ve gotten lots of replies saying that the positions I’ve applied to have been filled internally (I didn’t even get an interview). But I do have one position that I am eagerΒ  to hear from.. I will mention more about this later when I hear anything from them (I don’t want to jinx it). If VA isn’t giving me a job, I suppose I would have to venture out to another state….

Third of all, Bobby (my boo) and JenJen were my final pushovers to create my own. Bobby works with a zillion blogs for one of his jobs while he’s in school and he learns the most interesting stuff and sees the absolute coolest pictures by sorting out all those blogs he zips through. And Jen has one of her own: http://lifespapertrail.blogspot.com/. She is quite right, this does remind me of the xanga days..

Anyways, my cousins and I are planning a snowboarding trip for NEXT WEEK and I’m SOOOO excited. Some of us couldn’t hold it in so we had a pre-snowboarding trip last weekend and it gave us just a taste of boarding and it gave ME an excuse to try out my new gear that I bought earlier this year..

Bobby and me
021508 me and bob

Josh and Jen
021509 josh jen

Don’t we look snazzy? This trip next week has got me so excited I’ve put a countdown widget for my dashboard to let me know how many days we have left (SEVEN from today).

Well, I will be back frequently. Mostly because I don’t really have much to do with my free time. But I am going out out tonight for the first time in a long time. My BFF Kai is home from DC and were having a BFF reuntion (at one point in our lifes Kai Grak and I were inseperable). So excited to be reunited! πŸ™‚



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