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sweet thirteen + good news

Posted on: March 29, 2009

Last weekend, my cousin Jade turned 13 and became a teenager! Our little one is all grown up and looking fabulous. She planned a dinner for family and close friends at a Thai restaurant (last minute changes because restaurants were booked for Ring Dance). So fun to see FamJamz all dressed up. The funnest part was getting ready. I was in the makeover mood and did the girls’ hair and makeup. Here are some pics:

The ladies in front of Jade’s house

Jade and her BFF’s Jessie & Nikki

My brother Jason & his gf Jasmine (she’s the absolute cuteness)

Me and my boo.

FamJamz group shot!

To keep the excitement rolling, I went to DC shortly after to watch BRINTEY & PCD!! The concert was awesome.. Sorry no pics with Brit or Nicole (I wish). There were stupid teeny bopper girls in front of us who were whack and I wanted to punch in the back of the head, but other than that it was amazing!

I love going to concerts. Next one will be NO DOUBT & PARAMORE!! I can finally start looking to buy tickets because…


They called me after the OR shadowing and I have accepted the position in the OR fellowship! Its exciting and scary at the same time. I’m feeling very ambivalent about it. Being in the city, starting a career, living on my own, being away from home.. It will all be new. I am looking to room with my cousin JR and my BFF Kai which should be fun. But at the same time, I’m going to be without my boo and my family. They’re not going to be an arms distance away. That part really sucks. A LOT. I’m hoping this will be healthy for me, starting to grow up and stuff. I WILL be back often to visit them and I’m hoping to have them visit me often too.

Time to start an adventure! I have less than a month before I start my JOB! Wow. I have a REEEEAAAAL job. That is crazy!!!!!



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CONGRATS AGAIN… im so proud of you…. *tear

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